Top 7 Motivational YouTube Videos Released in 2019 that are under 50K Views

by - Monday, August 05, 2019

I'm not ashamed to admit that I have consumed a lot of motivational videos in the past couple of years. They have always helped me through my dark times and realign my thoughts to be the best I can be.

It's normal to be surrounded by fear, hesitation, and uncertainty. That doesn't define you, but how we act on those feelings does. Let us be better people than who we were yesterday and let us be even better tomorrow.

Every day someone is releasing a new video and I believe everyone should be given a fair chance at getting their voice heard. We've all seen the videos at the top of the search list, but so many great inspirational videos exist beyond that! I did some digging and here are my top 7 motivational YouTube videos released in 2019 that are under 50K views.

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1. Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night Dylan Thomas Performed by Arwen Fonzen

This is part of the poem Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas which I honestly believe is one of the most powerful poems out there. This was part of a class project for voice actor Arwen Fonzen (the voice you hear in the video) and I'm blown away by it. I never heard the poem recited in such a raw way, but it adds so much to an already beautiful poem.

The quiet, but raw voice; the delicate music; the simple visual elements. All of these features encourage us to find the meaning within the words themselves. In our lowest, darkest point we must keep fighting and rage, rage against that dying light.

2. 3-Minute Motivation For Young Entrepreneurs

I may be a little biased choosing this YouTube video, but I honestly found a lot of meaning and motivation in this video. The Motivational Mirror project, created by Three Best Rated® in collaboration with AHD Multimedia, is aimed at young entrepreneurs, but I believe it can be applicable to all age levels no matter where what job you have or where you are.

I encourage you to find a picture of your younger self and give them advice. Act on it and see the difference in your life and your work.

What would you tell your younger self? Let me know in the comments below!

3. FLY - Motivational video | Inspirational video speech | Priyanka Copra | Kangana Ranaut | Women

As a woman myself, we need to fight for equal treatment for everyone. No matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter what circumstances you face, you can be great. Eternal Explorer created this video to inspire, empower, and educate everyone, everywhere; I'm so glad they did.

Let's build the future of women together and fight for equal rights everywhere.

4. NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER - Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Freddy Fri)

Freddy Fri did a great job narrating this motivational YouTube video created by Motiversity. This is one of the videos that beats away your hesitation. This is one for when you hit that wall and you want to quit. You want to let go. You want to stop. Instead of giving in, pull yourself up from the ground and keep marching forward.

No retreat. No surrender.

5. NO ROOM FOR EXCUSES - Motivational Video

I love this video. It's so easy to make excuses about why we can't move forward. Why we don't want to make hard decisions. Why we don't want to take a risk. But we can't make those excuses. Don't allow them to hold you back; make those hard choices and keep fighting the good fight.

Chispa Motivation did a great job with this motivational video so stop making excuses and build your own story!

6. Can't Stop Caring About What Other People Think of You?? WATCH THIS

Tom Ferry is an inspirational coach and a real estate educator so his videos are geared towards businesses, but everything can learn a lot from him. I identify strongly with his message that we shouldn't care what others think. We live in such a connected lifestyle where the opinions of others dominate our actions, thoughts, and lifestyle.

We should be individuals and stop giving a rooty toot toot about what others think of us. After all, it's our life and we only have one chance to live it.

7. Stop! Wasting! Time! - Study Motivation

Study Motivation by ProjectElon makes videos geared towards students, but I believe that we are all life-long students. Some of my hardest days where when I was a student and the lessons I learned there still help me today. Sometimes we forget the lessons we learned when we are young are some of the most powerful lessons of all.

I particularly love the message that every second of our lives count.

Every. Single. Second.

There you have it! The Top 7 Motivational YouTube Videos Released in 2019 that are under 50K views.

Comment on this video and share with your friends so we can be better people than we were yesterday!

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