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1. Can I get an article of my business on here?

While I can't guarantee that we will do an article over your business, I encourage you to email me at and we can discuss your ideas for an article. Please be advised that you must be listed on Three Best Rated® to be considered. If you have a finished article you want posted on the blog please see question 2.

Please type in the subject line: Article Inquiry for TBR Blog

In the body please include your name, your business's name, contact information, and some ideas (if applicable)

I am always happy to work with our businesses!

2. Do you accept guest bloggers/guest post?

We do not accept guest blogging unless you are listed on Three Best Rated®. If you are and wish to submit an idea, article, or press release, please email me at

Please type in the subject line: Guest Blog Inquiry for TBR Blog

In the body please include your name, your business's name, contact information, a short summary of the article, an attachment of the article (if applicable), and photos (if applicable)

Please understand that every article probably won't make it onto the blog, but I will try my hardest to work with you.

3. I have a great idea for a blog post! Can I send tips even if I'm not listed on Three Best Rated®? Where do I send those to?

Yes! I would love for any ideas and suggestions! Please send your tips to

Please type in the subject line: Blog Post Tips for TBR Blog

In the body please include your ideas, tips and suggestions.

Please understand it will take time for the post to be a reality and not every tip will become a post.

4. I found a typo, broken link, or a mistake. Do I put it in the comments? Who do I tell?

Please email me at and I will fix it! Please do not put it in the comments as it gets in the way of meaningful discussions, but if you do it will be deleted once the error has been resolved. Thank you to everyone in advance!

Have fun!