Eva Neufeld Named One of the Top 3 Mortgage Brokers in Edmonton, Canada

by - Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Edmonton, Alberta, March 6, 2016 - Eva Neufeld of Mortgage Tailors is named one of the top three mortgage brokers in Edmonton for 2019 by Three Best Rated®. Three Best Rated® uses a rigorous 50-point inspection to check everything from reviews, reputation, and history to cost in order to determine the top three businesses.

At Mortgage Tailor, their clients feel like they are with family. They are dedicated to helping their clients manage their mortgage for years to come. “I'm helping you create perhaps the largest debt of your life,” Eva says. “I feel a professional responsibility to help you manage that debt not only today but in the future as well.” Real estate can be a wonderful tool to achieve financial security, and Eva is determined to guide her clients to their short- and long-term goals. At Mortgage Tailors, they offer a unique program called the “Sweet 16 Program” which allows their clients to pay off their home in 16 years. “We love having mortgage burning parties,” Eva laughs.

Some advice that Eva offers her clients is not to be too concerned about the rate. “Interest rates don't vary much from lender to lender,” she explains, “but what does vary is the fine print,” Eva suggests focusing more on getting approved and reading the fine print. She helps her clients pick the right mortgage product for their situation to save them money, not only now, but in the future as well. “We do more than just offer mortgages, we manage them,” Eva says.

Three Best Rated® rates businesses on a 50-point inspection to present the three best in each category. They look at everything from the history to reviews, and everything in between. Every company is verified before it is listed. They believe in being transparent and trustworthy and simplifying the searching process. A business cannot be paid to be listed, so you know you are getting genuine results.

About Eva Neufeld

Eva Neufeld is the owner/broker of Mortgage Tailors. She always loved helping people and had a knack for finance, so it was inevitable she would become a mortgage broker. Eighteen years later and she is still ahead of the game and doing what she loves. She always believed that everyone has the right to become a homeowner, but most don't know how to get there. This inspired her to write her book “The Homebuyer's Handbook: The Insider's Guide to Saving Money & Eliminating Risks when Buying Your First Home.”

213, 4935 55 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6B 3S3
Phone: 780-244-0505
Email: eva@mortgagetailors.com
Website: www.mortgagetailors.com

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