The Three Best Rated® 50-point Inspection Explained - Part 2

by - Monday, July 01, 2019

Welcome back to part 2 of the Three Best Rated® 50-point inspection explained! If you haven't seen it yet, you should really read part 1. There's not much to say other than diving right into the next three categories!

Our third category: Images

Images consists of three sub-categories
  1. Business Images - authentic business images to help customers learn about the business before visiting
    • Pictures help customers get a feel for the business before they even step in the door! This helps the customers know which businesses they want to go with and what to expect.
      • Image by piviso from Pixabay
      • For our restaurant, pictures are very important. First, customers can see the type of food that's being served (honestly if a restaurant doesn't have high-quality, appetizing pictures of food they are doing themselves a disservice! Nom nom nom!) Second, it helps customers to see the restaurant so they know what to expect when they walk in.
      • For our doctor, I would dare say having pictures is just as important. I've needed a number of doctors in my life and let me tell you, doctors that don't have pictures or really bad ones usually never made my short list. Why? I didn't feel as though they cared. If they don't care enough to get one nice head shot and one nice picture of the office, then how will I know they will care about me? Plus, it helps those pre-appointment jitters to know what to expect when I walk into the office.
Of course, a business can be great without great pictures. It just shows that extra attention to detail that makes a great business the best!
  1. Fake Images - Pictures must be original with no fake images
    • While stock images have their place, representing them as your business images is not that place. 0 would be excessive use of fake images and 10 would be no fake images at all.
      • For our restaurant, there's really not a place for them at all. You should want to show off your food and your restaurant - not someone else's! Plus, customers have the expectation that the pictures you present will accurately represent your restaurant.
      • For our doctor, we like to see pictures of your practice and your office! We understand that it's not always possible to have pictures of your customers in the middle of an appointment, but trying to pass stock pictures as your own will result in less points (or no) being awarded.
It's always better to take some time and have high-quality professional pictures done!
  1. Ownership Proof - Documents, licenses, permits, etc. proving business ownership
    • This is a standard check to make sure the business is what you say it is and everything is in order
      • For our restaurant, this encompasses the normal paperwork you need to own and operate a restaurant
      • For our doctor, if you own a clinic this will include the normal paperwork you need to own and operate a restaurant. However, this will also expand to ensure you have the proper education and licenses to act as a doctor.
As part of our commitment to our customers, we make sure our due-diligence is done. This allows us to provide up-to-date, accurate information!

Onward to our fourth category: Operating Hours

This category has only two sub-categories
  1. Business Hours - Maximum working hours to benefit customers
  2. Image by markito from Pixabay
    • Basically how long are they open?
      • This category is the same for both a restaurant and a doctor!
Having long operating hours almost always provides more value to the customer.
  1. Less Operating Hours - Customers wants businesses to have longer operating hours as to make it more convenient for them.
    • For this one, if the business has shorter operating hours the business is assigned a lower amount of points
      • For our restaurant, there is no set amount of hours a business must be open to receive the maximum amount of points. Instead it is based on a comparison between it's competitors.
      • For our doctor, this is more relevant for doctors with more than one location. As the doctor splits their time between the various locations, it's important for us to award a higher amount of points for doctors who spend the majority of their time in the location we are listing.
Less operating hours differs depending on category, but it's always a good idea to see what your competitors are doing and what your customers want.

Moving onto the fifth category: Social Media

Social Media encompasses 3 sub-categories
  1. Social Media Presence - Reputation on social media networks
    Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay
    • I'm sorry for all the social media haters out there, it's here to stay. It is an excellent way to connect to past, current, and future customers as well as increase brand recognition. When used effectively social media can be an excellent tool!
      • For our restaurants this has more weight than our doctors. A social media page is a great way to put a "voice" to the restaurant and make it more relatable
      • For a doctor, having a social media page isn't as important as having a great website so we don't put a lot of weight into this one.
Overall social media is a great way to connect to your customers - as long as it's being used correctly of course!
  1. Page Maintenance - regular announcements and updates to the social media page to make it unique and brand-worthy
    • An updated social media page is a happy social media page! Nobody likes to scroll across a page only to find out the last update was three years ago. It often makes the page look clunky and gives the impression that the business doesn't care.
      • No matter the business, if they have a social media page this category holds the same weight.
Some may argue that as long as you have a social media page you are right as rain, but unfortunately an outdated or abandoned social media page does more damage than not having one at all!
  1. Followers Ratio - High follower-to-following ratio shows credibility and popularity
    • For social media a measure of success is the followers ratio. You want to have more followers than you are following. This shows actual interest in your page from people who like what you are putting out!
      • If a business has a social media page this category holds the same weight.
In the end, we use social media for one reason - to share things with other people. A high follower-to-following ratio shows that people are looking, and liking, what you are posting!

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