The Three Best Rated® 50-point Inspection Explained - Part 3

by - Friday, July 05, 2019

Welcome back to the Three Best Rated® 50-point inspection explained! If you haven't seen part 1 or part 2, I highly suggest you read through them!

Now with that out of the way, let's jump right in!

Our sixth category: Website

This one is a doozy with 8 sub-categories
  1. Compete Information - The website contains complete and detailed information
    • The world is online (sorry cavemen!) and a complete website is important for customers! Your website will typically be the first thing people will visit when they want to learn more about your business and having a poor, incomplete website will speak volumes about you.
      • For our restaurant, this is obviously important! Websites let customers browse your menu, learn delivery options, location, and history. This is also the perfect place to show off your delicious food.
      • For our doctors, this has less weight but is still important to let customers learn about the practice, the procedures available, and other information customers need to know.
Pretty much all of your customers will visit your website at one point or another. Don't let incomplete or vague information turn your potential customers to your competitor's customers.
  1. Online Chat - has real-time transmission of text messages preferably on the business website
    • For websites that contain online chat this is considered and is a perfect chance to quickly answer any questions customers have.
      • This isn't typically considered for restaurants. Most restaurants won't have an online chat and they typically don't need one. It's more important for them to be responsive to phone calls and have a complete website.
      • This isn't typically considered for doctors. Due to variety of legal and other reasons, doctors don't usually chat through online chat features.
Online chat features are more important for mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and the like as these features are common in these professions. Again this go backs to the theme of paying attention to what your competitors have, what customers want, and what you offer. 
  1. Online Appointment - Ability to schedule an appointment through the website with appointment confirmation
    • This sub-category deals with online appointment. Not only does it take into account the ability to make an online appointment, but if the appointment was confirmed and how quickly it was confirmed.
      • If a restaurant takes reservations then this sub-category is considered, but otherwise it is not.
      • It has become the norm to be able to make online appointments for doctors so this typically holds weight. Usually doctors do not take walk-ins so an easy way to make appointments is very important!
This category is important for doctors, hair salons, lawyers, contractors... basically anyone who takes appointments! However it's not so important for restaurants.
  1. Website Standard - The website is up-to-date and "stale" information is updated
    • Customers want to up-to-date information that is still relevant, not old and inaccurate information. It creates a huge hassle for both you and the customers to go through the process of getting the correct information. Plus, an updated website just looks better!
      • This is important for every business!
Customers don't want to have to dig to find correct or updated information. Keeping your website up-to-date looks professional and shows the customer that you care!
  1. Emblem - The distinctive logo of the business
    • Arguably one of the most important part of branding is a logo. It is used to cement the business into the customer's mind. This is more important for businesses such as handymen, plumbers, electricians, contractors, etc.
      • For our restaurant, this has less weight than it would for a contractor but it is still considered and evaluated.
      • For our doctor, this typically holds little to no weight.
A distinctive logo is more important for contractors then it is for restaurants or a doctor, but it is still considered and should be given proper attention by all businesses.
  1. Contact Information - Contact information is up-to-date and accurate
    • Customers will want to get in touch with businesses and nothing is more frustrating then calling a business you know is open to hear "Sorry this number is not active"
      • This is important for all of our businesses as customers need to get in touch with the business regardless if they are a restaurant, doctor, lawyer, and anyone else!
How are businesses going to get customers if there's no contact information?! 
  1. Copyright and License - All the copyrights, and active licenses and trademarks are up-to-date and properly maintained
    • This is part of our due diligence! We want to make sure the businesses are not doing anything illegal. Plus, if a business cannot bother to keep these maintained, what else isn't maintained?
      • This is important for all businesses!
If a business cannot bother to keep these maintained, what else is not maintained? At Three Best Rated® we want to ensure the businesses we list are the cream of the crop! This includes making sure they have maintained all copyrights, licenses, and trademarks.
  1. Acknowledgements - The business has been recognized through other ranking websites in their area
    • Being recognized by other ranking websites really shows a businesses excellence!
      • This is important for all businesses!
Having more acknowledgements really shows the business has been working hard and delivering the best products and services!

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