Tips From Award-Winning Lawyers: How to Pick the Best Lawyer

by - Friday, May 10, 2019

When picking a lawyer, it can be difficult to know which one will be a perfect fit. A client needs to consider their needs and wants, then find a reputable lawyer that matches that. Easy right? Well, it's more like “easier said than done.” Between reviews, specializations, track records, and more it can be extremely easy to feel lost and confused. Three Best Rated® wants to help everyone feel a little less lost, and interviewed three award-winning lawyers to learn their tips on what a client should look for in a lawyer!


When picking a lawyer, the client should look at what the lawyer specializes in and choose accordingly. “[For example,] a criminal law firm dedicated to criminal law – not as a combined family law firm and not as an add-on to a commercial law firm,” says Michael Perrella, founder of Perrella Legal. Many areas of law are highly specialized and require dedication to be competitive. “People should be wary of lawyers who dabble... [they should have] at least 10 years’ experience specializing in that field,” notes Mr. Perrella. Specializing in a field allows lawyers to be able to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of particular cases that other lawyers might miss. “[For example] at Testart Family Lawyers we will give you an honest assessment of your case including its weaknesses,” says Marc Testart, founder of Testart Family Lawyers. However, without experience in the field to back up the assessment, it could be inaccurate.


With a lawyer, reputation is important! Their reputation with the customers and the members of the judiciary all plays a role in their success. “You want a lawyer who has an excellent rapport with members of the judiciary and prosecutors and fully understands their personalities and understands sentencing trends and court procedures,” Mr. Perrella advises. A lawyer who makes a habit of dismissing or disrespecting judges will have a negative effect on the case. Plus, if a lawyer cannot make an effort to be courteous and professional with the judiciary, how will they treat the client? “There are competent lawyers and others who are not so competent. There are lawyers with big egos, lawyers who put money first, and lawyers who love to put other lawyers down, so they can get the job,” says Michael Kuzilny, founder of MK Law, “Ring around and find someone that best suits your needs.”

Fees and initial consultations

While fees should not be the first thing a client looks for in a lawyer, it would be silly to not factor it in. Different lawyers have different pricing schemes and some will leave the client with a hefty bill at the end. “Look for someone who offers a fixed fee so there is no scope for overcharging,” advises Mr. Perrella. It's important to discuss payment, fees and budgets before signing a contract or hiring the lawyer. Usually a client can discuss this during the initial consultation. “A great lawyer will offer a free, no obligation initial consultation because they are confident about what they can achieve for you,” says Mr. Perrella. The initial consultation is also a great time to identify how the lawyer works and the attitude they have towards the case. “Be clear and organized about your situation, and explain what you are trying to achieve,” advises Testart, “Interview at least two or three [lawyers] and make your decision based upon their initial advice.”

About Perrella Legal
Perrella Legal was founded in 2011 by Michael Perrella. He has been practicing for 20 years and was a prosecutor for 10 years. This allows him to accurately dissect and break down a seemingly strong prosecution case, as well as identify and present negotiated outcomes wherever possible. At Perrella Legal, the client is not just another number. They limit the number of clients they service at any one time to ensure each and every client is given the time and attention they deserve. They are the only firm practicing exclusively in criminal law with QPS accreditation in WA. They pride themselves on being compassionate, responsive, and dedicated – and of course their results! Perrella Legal has been recognized for their excellence and was named one of the top three criminal lawyers in Perth, WA for 2019 by Three Best Rated®.

Suite 193, Level 1, Condor Tower
471 Hay Street
Perth, WA 6000
Phone: 08 9225 6646

About MK Law
MK Law was founded by Michael Kuzilny. He has been practicing as a traffic and criminal lawyer for over 30 years. At MK Law they pride themselves on achieving the best possible outcome for all of their clients. They strive to make the clients experience as simple and pain-free as possible. They guide and keep their clients informed every step of the way. Michael Kuzilny prides himself on representing his clients and not passing the case off to a junior lawyer. He delivers fearless and courageous representation with the goal of achieving the best outcome. At MK Law, they keep their cost low, and their success rates high! Three Best Rated® has recognized MK Law for their excellence and named them one of the three best criminal and traffic lawyers in Melbourne, VIC for 2019.

8/350 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: 0415 557 011

About Testart Family Lawyers
Testart Family Lawyers was founded by Marc Testart with a simple vision of achieving “win-win” outcomes for the whole family. He was tired of seeing families using the court as their own personal battleground with little regard to the mental well-being of the children. He uses alternative dispute resolution to encourage people to set aside their anger and work towards a compromise. At Testart Family Lawyer, they pride themselves on being compassionate, sensitive, yet realistic. They understand how hard a relationship breakdown can be and want to make a clear strategy to move forward. The well-being of the client's children will always be paramount and they give honest, realistic advice on the best move for them and their children. Marc Testart has been recognized for his excellence and was named one of the top three family lawyers in Melbourne, VIC for 2019 by Three Best Rated®.

23 Milton Parade, Malvern
Melbourne, VIC 3144
Phone: 03 9854 6212

Written by Eileen Shone, Three Best Rated®
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