The Three Best Rated® 50-point Inspection Explained - Part 6 [FINAL]

by - Monday, July 15, 2019

Welcome back to the sixth - and final - part of the Three Best Rated® 50-point inspection explained! You are on the final frontier to having a comprehensive knowledge of our inspection! Good job! If you haven't seen part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, or part 5 be sure to check them out. Now let's jump right into...

Our tenth and final category: Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous is comprised of 12 sub-categories that didn't quite fit anywhere else.
  1. Real Discounts - Authentic discounts or offers for customers
    • 39) Real Discounts
    • If discounts are offered, we want to ensure they are legitimate. You aren't penalized for not having discounts, simply rewarded.
      • For restaurants obviously this is more applicable. Restaurants usually have a promotion or discount running at all times in order to draw customers in. Like I said earlier, you aren't penalized for not having them, but if your competitors are all getting full points in this area, you might feel like you are.
      • For doctors this is less applicable. However, a surprising amount of doctors do have some sort of discount going on (free flu shots anyone?) so it is still considered.
If you don't run discounts, don't worry about it too much. However, pay attention to what your competitors are doing and what customers are reacting to. If you do run discounts, ensure they are current and legitimate.
  1. Price Comparison - Fair prices for the services
    • We want to ensure prices are fair for both customers and businesses. Part of what makes a great business the best is being able to accurately price their services or products based on their market, competitors, and own cost curve.
      • This is applicable to all businesses! I would dare say there's not a single business owner that hasn't agonized over what to price their products or services :^)
Finding a fair price for your business is paramount to creating a successful business!
  1. Location Proximity - Within city limits
    • When listing a business as one of the best in XYZ city we obviously want them to reside in XYZ city. If they don't, they will not be considered for that city.
      • This, again, is applicable to all businesses.
At Three Best Rated, we believe local businesses deliver superior services, experiences, reliability, and convenience! Of course we want the businesses we list to be local to the area they're listed under!
  1. Specialization - Unique services offered by the business
    • This refers to a unique specialization the business offers the customers
      • For our restaurant, this refers to a dish that is unique to the business. For example, if a Chinese restaurant offers a special shrimp and taro root dumpling and no one else does then this would be their specialization.
      • For our doctor, this would encompass unique or difficult treatments, procedures, or surgeries that are performed by only a few doctors in the city.
Specialization is a unique service that sets the business apart from their competition.
  1. Gift Vouchers - Authorized, authentic gift cards or certificates
    • Gift vouchers are an excellent way to generate interest in your business or make a sale that you wouldn't have otherwise. Plus, going through the whole process of setting up gift vouchers and the infrastructure needed to redeem them is a small way to signal that there is interest in the business.
      • This is applicable to any business that has gift vouchers. If you have them, you will get points!
Gift vouchers are a great way to direct money to your own business that may not have been spent there otherwise. Plus, people like gift cards!
  1. Multiple Branches - The number of locations within the city
    • Having multiple branches usually means the business is popular with the customers so we like to commend those businesses!
      • This is more applicable for our restaurant. Restaurants have an easier time of branching to multiple locations then say a doctor would.
      • That being said there's plenty of doctors that do have multiple branches and they are commended here!
we. Want. MORE!!!
  1. Videos - High-quality, trustworthy videos about the business
    • Videos are an excellent way to generate interest in your business. High-quality videos show that extra attention to detail that makes a good business a great business!
      • This is applicable for all businesses. Every type of business can make a video without it being out of place!
Videos are a way to connect to customers on a personal level!
  1. Call Inspection - Responsiveness and quality on the phone
    • A phone call is probably the most popular way for customers to communicate with a business without simply showing up. A business should be polite and helpful on the phone.
      • This is applicable for every business that has a phone.
A lot of phone calls are what I call "discovery calls," as in customers are trying to get information from the business to decide if they want to shop there. It's important for a business to be polite and helpful on the phone or risk losing a potential customer.
  1. Insurance Acceptance - Covers major, most, or both insurances
    • We want the businesses we list to cover a wide range of customers so naturally we want to see major insurances and a wide range of insurances covered.
      • For our restaurant this is not applicable. You do not need insurance to go to a restaurant. (It would be nice if insurance companies paid for my meals though!)
      • For our doctor, this is heavily considered. For most people, medical procedures are out of reach without insurance so we want to ensure the doctor is able to take a wide range of customers.
We want to ensure doctors (and everyone else that accepts insurance!) are able to cover a wide range of customers. This means the doctor covers major insurances and a wide variety of insurances!
  1. Address Validation - Physical location validation
    • This is part of Three Best Rated's commitment to due diligence. We want to ensure the business is where it says it is, hasn't moved, or isn't closed down.
      • This is applicable for business that have a brick and mortar storefront. Obviously this isn't applicable for online business or mobile businesses.
Three Best Rated does our due diligence so you don't have to!
  1. Website Source - Reliability and completion of the business website
    • The website should have full and clear information about the business. The website should be reliable (should not be down often) and should be safe for visitors (no viruses, spam, or inappropriate/dangerous ads).
      • This is applicable for all business!
Three Best Rated gives first priority to the business's website, second priority to social media, and third priority to other local websites.
  1. Our Review Team Overall Satisfaction
    Actual Picture of Review Team ;) Just kidding!
    • As discussed in part 1, the 50-point inspection has a human element to them and this is where it comes in! Our employees will comb through the previous 49 points to ensure accuracy and reliability. If the review team is satisfied, it will be added to the website!
      • This applies to every business.
The review team is an integral part of the 50-point inspection. They ensure accuracy, legitimacy, and reliability of our listings. All their decisions are final.

Now you should have a full understanding of what makes up the Three Best Rated® 50-point inspection. The 50-point inspection has it's core points, but is still malleable enough to accurately pick the top 3 business across many different industries!


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